AppleMacbook A1181 13.3 LED Display – Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor 2GB RAM – 120GB HDD – Windows® 7 & IOS (Activated)


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Product details of AppleMacbook A1181 13.3 LED Display – Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor 2GB RAM – 120GB HDD – Windows® 7 & IOS (Activated) Refurbished
13.3″ HD LED Display
Intel® Core™2 DuoProcessor
120GB HDD 5400 RPM
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M IGP Graphics
Apple system macOS 10.7.5 Lion
Windows® 7(Activated)
Most Used Software Install Both system
Office 2015 with key Zoom Google Chrome Skype
A wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Unmistakable Apple -Atogether with a properly colored keyboard couldn’t doubt it. Clear lines,sharp edges and still ergonomic, this is genuine Apple. – Must-Have: A luminescent Apple Logo on the display’s cover.

Theworkmanshipis as usualhigh-qualityand the notebook seems veryrobust. It’s a waste to discuss possible creaking noises or torsions, thematerial and the workmanshiparefirst-class.

As we already criticized at the predecessors, a foot of this MacBook is again placed directly on the battery. Therefore, the notebook can’t nearly be used without battery. One has to rely on faultless charging electronics, which ensure a long life of the battery.

Furthermore, one can criticize therelatively sharp edges of the case. During typing it can well be that one galls ones inner wrists sides.

TheDisplayis be attached by a reversely connected central hinge. Because of this kind of attachment, the display is always a little to low and must be positioned relatively flat. Furthermore, this flip-open mechanism leads to limitedopening angles of about 135°.

The display comeswithout a transport hook. In order to ensure a reasonable safe transport, it uses a magnetic mechanism instead.

The magnetic principle is used frequently by Apple. E.g. even thepower adapteris also only. Under the designation„MagSafe“a possible damage of the notebook by tripping over the power cable is avoided.

All interfaces of the notebook are place on its left side. There are not many of them, however, they arefirst-class.

Entirely rear is the already mentionedMagSafe power connection. In front of it a10/10/1000 Base-T Ethernetport, amini DVI connection, which can be used either as VGA, Composite, or S-Video out depending on the provided adapter used, aFirewire 400 interface(regrettable no Firewire 800 as all new MacBook Pro have),two, each ofan optical digital in- and outpaired with a microphone and a headphone port.

Additionally the MacBook uses Kensington Lock as anti-theft system.


Interfaces of the left side

Right side with drive

Front side with remote control port

Back side with speakers
Input Devices
Among others a hallmark of MacBooks is the keyboard, which seems to beembeddedin the caseskey by key. The keys are all in all ofcomfortable size, that is: All besides the enter key. On the one hand it takes up two rows, but on the other hand it is rather narrow. One has to practice a little bit to be able to hit it.

The keys have acompletely plane surfaceand have – compared to other keyboards – aclearly shorter travel. However, the typing is not affected, even typing during a longer duration is still comfortable. (We liked the MacBook Pro keyboard even more).

Thetouch pad is of big designand takes up nearly one third of the notebook’s width. The pad’s size and also that it is nearly at the same level than the case have a positive impact on handling it. The touch pad’s button (as usual for Apple there is only one) can also be handled easily.

There is alsoshapely remote controlprovided, which comfortably allows to control the Macbook from the sofa.


Touch pad with only one button

Comfortable Keyboard

Color diagram
The MacBook has a reflecting 13“ display with amaximum resolution of 1280×800 pixelsin format 16:10. Themaximum brightness is 209.2 cd/m²at anillumination of. A very good maximum value, although it has a below-average brightness distribution.

Thegraphical diagramof thedisplay measurementuncovers also for the Apple MacBooka deviation from the ideal curve of the blue colors, which indicates a predominance of warm colors.




168.9cd/m² 171.8cd/m² 149.7cd/m²

194.5cd/m² 209.2cd/m² 185.5cd/m²

172.3cd/m² 188.8cd/m² 174.7cd/m²



Distribution of brightnessMaximum: 209.2 cd/m² Average: 179.5 cd/m²Brightness Distribution: 72 %Contrast: 174:1 (Black: 1.2 cd/m²)
Regarding the maximumcontrast ratiothe MacBook has an acceptable value of174:1, despite of its relative bright black value of1.2 cd/m². Regarding the reaction speed, it reached an average result in thePixperan test of legibility, which rated the notebookgrade 6.


Operation Outdoors
Despite the good brightness the display seems to bea little too dark, if usedoutdoorsin bright environments. Furthermore, the reflecting display leads toreflections.

Vertically, the stability to the vantage point is aclear weaknessof the 13.3 inch display. The possible range of operation is vertically very narrow, and it is additionally limited by the display’slimited inclination.Horizontally, one can observe reflections at acute angles. However, the display is still to some extent legible.









Compared to the MacBooks’Core Duo version one can observe aclear increase in performance. Even in Windows operation the notebook does not need to hide behind competitors of the same class.

Battery Runtime
Equipped with a 55Wh lithium-polymer Battery the MacBook has at least under Mac OS X a very good runtime. According to experience it is a little worse under Windows. The reason is the better energy management of Mac OS.

Energy demand

Without Load (Idle), min. brightness, without WLAN:+ max. brightness:+ WLAN:Full load (+WLAN, max. brightness): max.

Battery Runtime
Idle (without WLAN, min brightness)
6h 30min
3h 13min
Load (maximum brightness)
2h 00min

Laufzeiten ermittelt unter Mac OS X



Apple MacBook 13″
Whether used with Windows or Mac OS, the MacBook istop designed. Countlessreasonable detailsastonish the user and ease and beautify the daily use of the notebook.

Theworkmanshiphasso far not been reached by any competitor, and some notebook producers should really take a MacBook in learn from Apple’s workmanship. Only the sharp edges can be a little bit criticized.

TheMacBook’sinput devicesare in generalcomfortable in useand besides the a little too narrow enter key, there is nothing to criticizes on thekeyboard.

The MacBook’stouch paddemonstrates thatperfect design AND user-friendliness (by software)can be achieved at the same time. Other brands seem to forget about that.

Thenotebook’s performancewas further increasedby an Intel Core 2 Duo processorand so the notebook is able to take on with its Windows competitors.

Fortunately, the MacBook. However, the fans run with a quite loud noise during use of demanding applications. Therefore, one is likely to return quickly to office or Internet applications instead.

Thebattery runtime, which has been measured under Mac OS X wasexcellentand promise that the MacBook can be used very well mobile.

Specifications of AppleMacbook A1181 13.3 LED Display – Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor 2GB RAM – 120GB HDD – Windows® 7 & IOS (Activated) Refurbished
BrandNo BrandSKU232652631_PK-1451980536Display Size13.3Backlit KeyboardNoNo. of USB 2.0 Ports1No. of USB 3.0 Ports1Input Output portsHDMINo. of USB 3.1 Ports1AC AdapterYesNo. of HDMI Ports3No. of VGA Ports1Graphic CardnvdiaCard Reader4-in-1ProcessorIntelHard Disk (GB)120GBCPU Speed (GHz)2.5Operating SystemNot SpecifiedGraphics MemoryyesModel1181Warranty Policy ENoo
What’s in the box 1* Cchagre ,1* Laptop


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